Welcome to the website of The Arts Society Birmingham (formerly the Birmingham Decorative & Fine Arts Society – BDFAS) – a member of The Arts Society (formerly NADFAS).

The Arts Society opens up the world of arts to everyone. With monthly lectures on a broad range of topics as well as study days, educational visits and holidays at home and abroad, the society is not just a great way to learn – it’s a way of making new and lasting friendships.

Birmingham Decorative & Fine Arts Society (BDFAS) was established in 1990. From a modest beginning we have made great strides, now having over 400 members and a waiting list. The Arts Society Birmingham is a successful and vibrant society thanks to a blend of good ideas, passionate and dedicated effort from everyone involved and the immense pleasure we derive from being members of this society.

The Arts Society contributes greatly to the cultural fabric of our lives through the projects it undertakes, including the work of the Heritage Volunteers and Church Recorders as well as its Young Arts activities including the grants which it awards to develop the skills of young artists and craftsmen. The Arts Society Birmingham is proud to play its part in the cultivation and study of the arts in the West Midlands area.

For those inspired by a lecture to explore a subject more fully, we will be sharing contact details of our lecturers.

For further details of our activities please contact us.

The Arts Society Birmingham Lecture Dates 2018/2019

  • September 12th 2018
  • October 10th 2018
  • November 21st 2018
  • December 5th 2018
  • January 16th 2019
  • February 6th 2019
  • March 20th 2019
  • April 10th 2019
  • May 15th 2019
  • June 19th 2019


Members should be aware that photographs taken at The Arts Society Birmingham events, or on visits, will only be used for legitimate The Arts Society purposes.

Annual General Meeting

The twenty-seventh Annual General Meeting of The Arts Society Birmingham will be held on Wednesday, 12th September 2018 at the CBSO Centre.

Constitution & Rules

The Arts Society Birmingham Constitution & Rules is available here.